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    LABEL Retail Sale in Non-Specialized Stores With Food, Beverages or Tobacco Predominating (1-9 Employees) (Eurostat definitions)

    No chains and no franchise

    Cinema kiosk (sweets etc shop), Country general store (selling mainly foodstuffs), Food (general) retail dealing in, General stores activities of, Grocer retail, Grocery mainly (wine and spirits), Grocery shop, Licensed grocery, Mini market Provisions retail dealing in, Publican and mainly grocery, Retail sale in non-specialized stores, Retail sale in non-specialized store with food predominating, Retail sale in non-specialized store with beverages predominating Retail sale in non-specialized store with tobacco predominating
    CODE 5211

    The retail industry is one of the fastest growing industries today and is considered as a vital part of the economy.

    • The chief purpose of this industry is provide goods and product to the consumers. They get their products straight from the manufacturer or wholesaler or distributor.
    • These goods are vast and varied.
    • Retailers may sell anything and everything from food apparel to electronics and so on .
    • A grocery store for the most part offers food (both fresh and dry ) and other household essentials.
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